Hula Hoop Classes in Phoenix, AZ

Hula Hooping is a nostalgic past time.

Hula hooping is expressive and therapeutic.

Hula hooping is a fun way to work out.

Hula hooping can improve coordination and balance.

Join in the fun at one of my classes! I’ve taught hundreds of individuals of all ages since 2010. My public classes are regularly updated in my “Upcoming Group Class” section. Don’t see what you want to learn there? Send me a message about scheduling a class!

I’m available for group, private, semi-private and Skype lessons. What do you want to learn?

  • Adult beginner hoop dance
  • Intermediate/advanced hoop technique and flow
  • Double hoop technique and flow
  • Multiple hoop technique and flow
  • Fire hooping & safety
  • Hula hoop choreography
  • Performance mentoring
  • Beginner poi
  • Kids classes and parties

Upcoming Group Classes

There are currently no upcoming group classes.

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Private Lessons

Now offering private instruction to advance and accelerate your hoop skills. Each class is tailored to your needs of instruction, time and location.

$50/hr 1 person
$65/hr 2 people
$75/hr 3 people
$85/hr 4 people
$95/hr for 5 people or more.

*NOTE: Above rates are for studio style classes. If you’d like instructional rates for an event you have coming up please send me a message.

Save money by buying a private class package!

Package Rate: $200 for 5 one-hour classes
That’s $10 off EACH private class! A $250 value!!!!

ALL Private classes include:

  • Tips and tricks tailored just for YOU!
  • Lesson recap video: a full video recap at the end of each lesson breaking down each trick you learned
  • One month unlimited hoop support! What does this mean?!?
    • hoop support means you can text, call or email me with any question you have about the material we went over in your lesson(s). You can also ask me about products! I’m a totally hoop nerd of 7 years and have a wealth of information!!! valid for 30 days after your last private lesson

Are you ready to start hooping?

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Community Resources

Are you wanting to connect with your flow/circus/fire community? There are new meet ups and jams happening all the time. I’ve started a page dedicated to meet ups and public classes. To view all the resources follow this link.

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Full Testimonials:

“Hiring Jessica for a private session has been incredibly helpful to my choreography, confidence, and overall stage presence. Jessica provided a free consultation & a homework assignment to complete before our private coaching session. This homework helped brainstorm the agenda for our session to maximize our time and stay focused during our session on the specific tricks I requested help to improve. Jessica was fully prepared and incorporated poi to facilitate unlocking pathways in my body that transfer to the hoop. This was an excellent strategy that I would not have considered on my own.

Before our session concluded Jessica allowed for a full video recap of the moves we worked on. Then, Jessica followed up with me after our private coaching session via e-mail with a full recap containing reminders, tips and encouragement! I felt that Jessica fully invested in me as a striving dancer and has absolutely set me on a pathway to gain confidence, expertise and skill with my hoop dance.

Jessica is an extraordinary performer yet she is very humble, professional, & dedicated to sharing her expertise for the greater good of the hoop community. I could not be more pleased to have such dynamic leadership within our hoop community. It is often hard for me to ask for help but Jessica is kind & approachable and it was the best thing I could to to improve my hoop dance by asking her for private coaching. I highly recommend her if you are ready for the next level of your hoop flow!”

– Mary Beth Hamilton, Private Hula Hoop Student

“Jessica Packard is by far the most professional and talented hoop instructor that I have ever met. I first saw Jessica perform at The Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts. I was immediately impressed by her style, grace, and enthusiasm for performing. A year or so later, I was invited to a Heady Hoop Tribe workshop that Jessica was teaching. I could barely waist hoop and I was a little afraid of looking foolish in front of the other attendees. Jessica created a warm and inviting learning environment. The class was an hour and a half, but I was having so much fun that the time just flew by. I learned the basics of waist hooping as well as several tricks that I could practice at home. I received the individual attention I needed and Jessica even answered my endless questions regarding hooping. I have attended three of Jessica’s hoop workshops and I plan to attend future classes as well. Hooping has strengthened my core and improved my balance and coordination. I ended up giving a hooping demonstration during a performance job interview. I taught the interviewers a few basic moves that I had learned from Jessica. They had a blast and ended up offering me the job! In short, I would recommend Jessica as a hoop instructor to anyone and everyone who is looking to pick up hooping as a new skill!”

– Mattison Pearlman, Group Hula Hoop Student