Hula Hooping is a nostalgic past time

Hula hooping is expressive and therapeutic

Hula hooping is a fun way to work out

Hula hooping can improve
coordination and balance

Join in the fun at one of my classes!

I’ve taught hundreds of individuals of all ages since 2010. 

Group, private, semi-private and Online lessons are available.


What do you want to learn?

  • Beginner hula hoop dance
  • Intermediate/advanced hula hoop dance & technique
  • Hula hoop flow
  • Double hula hoop
  • Multiple hula hoop technique 
  • Fire hooping & safety
  • Hula hoop choreography
  • Hula hoop performance mentoring
  • Kids hula hoop classes 

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Indoor, air-conditioned hula hoop are classes now available! Save money by booking a class with a friend or two.


Classes are held in a dance studio located in Downtown Phoenix. By appointment only.

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are you ready to master
the hula hoop?