Hula Hooping

Day Hula Hooping

Playful and dazzling, these acts are sure to excite and delight! Circus style hula hooping includes 1-5 hula hoops, flexibility and balancing tricks.

LED Entertainment

Liven up any event with a hypnotic light show! LED Wings, LED poi and up to 4 LED hula hoops at a time. I can even put your display your LOGO, message or picture in my shows.

Fire Entertainment

Fire Entertainment

Bring the danger, excitement and awe to the stage with the element of fire. hula hoop, fire eating/contact/manipulation, fire fans, fire poi, fire staff and palm torches.

Stilt Walking

Stilt Walking

Enliven your event with fun whimsical characters! Add isis wings, hula hoops or poi for an extra balancing act.


Daring and high flying acts with aerial silks, lyra or aerial bartending. Guests will be entranced and amazed!

Kids Entertainment

Kids Birthday Party Performance

Entertainment for kids is easy with 30 minutes – 1 hour of a hula hoop lesson and inspirational performance finale. Kids learn how to do amazing tricks with the hula hoop and play fun games. It’ll be a birthday to remember!!

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Performance Highlights

Spooktacular at The Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix, AZ, 2018

Original Taste, Scottsdale, AZ, 2018

Lash FX International Conference, Gilbert, AZ, 2018

Decadence NYE Arizona, Chandler, AZ 2017

Lost Lake Music Festival, Phoenix, AZ, 2017

NCAA Final Four Dribble, Phoenix, AZ, 2017

Alice Cooper Standing Rock Fundraiser, Mesa, AZ, 2017

Marine Corps Air Show, Yuma, AZ 2017

PrimeSport VIP Superbowl Party, San Francisco, CA, 2016

Featured expert on the Emmy Award Winning Segment “The List”, Tempe, AZ, 2015

JBS Corporate Party, Loveland, CO, 2014

Sun City Music Festival, El Paso, TX, 2014-2015

Hornitos Tasting Party, Scottsdale, AZ, 2013

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Entertainment FAQs

What type of entertainment services do you provide?
I can provide a variety of entertainment services. Personally I perform hula hoop, fire, stilt walking, aerial lyra, aerial silks and aerial bartending. However, if there’s a circus related act that you would like to add to your entertainment package I can also provide that. Contortion, partner acrobatics, hand balancers, unicycler, jugglers and more!

Performance types are as follows:

  • Ambient
  • Choreographed (solo and group)
  • Hula Hoop Instruction

What is an “ambient” performance?
Ambient performance is improv and free form as opposed to a dance/show specifically choreographed to a set song or group of songs. The performers mingle through crowds to give little shows in different areas of the event to attendees. Ambient sets allow performers to interact with attendees by answering questions, whirling around them, making direct eye contact, possibly bringing them in the part of the show, etc. It’s recommended to have an audience size of 200+ for ambient performances.

What are your performance requirements?

  • GREEN ROOM: A dressing/warm-up area is required. This area should be private/semi-private away from the audience members’ sight. The green room should provide a mirror, table, chairs and adequate floor space to stretch and warm up.
  • PERFORMANCE SPACE: Ideally the performance space should be in the range of 15’ deep x 15’ wide with a height clearance of 15’ free of hanging decorations. If the size mentioned is not available, adjustments may be made performer prior to event.
  • STAGE: Stages must be level and free of obstacles. If the stage is pieced together all gaps must be securely covered with high quality duct tape. Ground acts can be performed on many surfaces. Cement patios, wooden floors, brick, concrete and well maintained, level lawns are all performance adaptable.
  • TECHNICAL RUN THROUGH: Depending on the nature of the event and acts purchased a technical run through may be required. If so, all technicians should be present, (sound, light, stage manager). Please allow a 1 hour time frame for details.
    • For ambient entertainment: Client will provide stage lighting and music for performer for the duration of performance. If music can not be provided please contact the performer to bring their own sound equipment.
    • For choreographed show: Lighting is to be determined according to atmosphere and acts purchased. Client must provide a PA/Sound system with the ability to broadcast clear, quality sound for both performers and audience members. Sound System must have a AUX connection. A sound technician must be present to operate the system throughout the performance.
    • Rigging of apparatus may cost extra, between $50-$150 per apparatus, depending on the accessibility of the trusses. Rigging quotes can only be given after a site survey is completed. If structurally sound rigging points are not available at the venue, then a portable rig can be provided for a one time fee of $250. Includes transport, setup and tear down.
    • Specs on portable rig: 23ft x 26ft when set up at full height of 19ft. 19ft x 21ft when set up at 14ft and may be set up indoors or outdoors.
    • Audience must be at least 10 ft from performance area. This may be marked off by ropes or cones. (cones can be provided upon request)
    • A fuel dump area is required for any fire performance. This area should be secure and away from the audience sight. The fire performer will use this area to store fuel, props and fire safety equipment. This area should a minimum 10 ft x10 ft for the performer to “spin off” fuel after the prop is dipped.
    • On Site Fire Safety Assistant is a mandatory component to a fire show. This person is responsible for the safety of the performer as well as the venue. This is included in your fee and provided by the performer.

Do you have performance insurance?
Yes! I’m an insured performer through Speciality Insurance Agency. Certificates for your event date and venue can be given upon request.
My insurance covers each occurrence $1M and General Aggergate $2,000.

What do you include in your entertainment pricing?
Included in your fee is insurance certificate, equipment fees, music, in-stock costuming and taxes.

Do you provide sound equipment?
I can provide sound equipment for the event for an additional fee. Fees range depending on the needs.

Do you provide costuming?
In-stock costuming is included in your fee. I have a range of costuming options available in various themes. If you have something specific in mind or would like a custom made costume, please include that in your message and I’ll provide you with an appropriate quote!

What’s your price range for an act?
Pricing of acts depend on a lot of different factors such as rigging, fire safety assistants, costuming and so much more. Pricing ranges anywhere from $200-$3,000 depending on the nature of the event. Please contact me to receive a custom quote.

How many hula hoops do you provide for your instruction at events?
I can provide 20-30 hula hoops in a range of sizes. Hula hoops are sized for both adults and children.

I’m interested in a group choreographed performance, is that something you provide?
YES! I can provide a group choreographed performance custom to your event. Choose from LED, fire and aerial entertainment options. Please contact me for a custom quote.

How long are your performances?

  • Choreographed performances
    • solo multiple hula hoop 5-10 min (day or LED)
    • Group hula hoop 5-7 min (day or LED)
    • Group LED 15 min (multiple props)
    • Solo fire 5-15 min (multiple props)
    • Group fire 5-15 min (multiple props)
    • Aerial 3-5 min (lyra or silks)
  • Ambient Performances
    • Hula hoop 30min-2 hours
    • LED 30min-3 hours
    • Stilt walking 1-3 hours
    • Aerial 1-2 hours
    • Aerial Bartending 1-2 hours

If you have additional questions or would like to receive a custom entertainment quote for your event, please contact me!